New Disney Tsum Tsum!

I just recently have been adding quite a bit of Tsum Tsums to my collection, and while I was at the Disney Store purchasing some Star Wars Tsum Tsum, the cast member informed me that a new Vacation Collection would be released. From what I was told they would be released in stores and online on April 18th.

Vacation Tsum Tsum Collection – Photo Credit:

This Vacation Collection displays Mickey and Friends (as well as some other well known Disney favorites) in summer attire ready to hit the beach or the pool! They are very adorable and in my opinion a nice addition to the Tsum Tsum line. Above Mickey is in his scuba gear and below Goofy is ready to lounge in the pool with his ducky inner tube. My favorite, which can be seen in the top featured photo is Dale dressed as a pineapple!

Vacation Goofy Tsum Tsum – Photo Credit:

Happy collecting!

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