Best Places to Shop

Today, I would like to share what I have found to be the best places to find the collectibles that I talk about on this blog. Here, you will find both in-store and online options as well as how to make sure you are buying these collectibles at the right price. Let the collecting begin!

Hot Topic

Hot Topic – Photo Credit

In my opinion, Hot Topic is my favorite store to shop for Funko Pops and Funko’s mystery characters. All stores have a large collection from Disney to the Simpsons and while they have some very high up on the shelves, employees are always happy to get the right one down for you. Hot Topic also have their own exclusives and pre-releases that will have a unique label on the front. They also have Pops from conventions as popular as San Diego Comic Con. Recently, they began selling Funko Pop protectors, clear boxes that fit around the boxes to keep them from occurring any damages.

Prices at Hot Topic range from $12.50 for non exclusive figures to $32.50 for multiple Pops packaged together. They also sell an array of Disney Tsums Tsums that are priced at $6.50. Hot Topic has many sales with Funko Pops like buy one get ones as well as coupons that they call Hot Cash.


f.y.e – Photo Credit

The f.y.e. store is also an awesome place to find Funko Pops like Hot Topic. They usually have a huge selection with many being exclusives, both from the store and conventions. Their prices range from $11.99 for single nonexclusive figures, $24.99 for a two figure pack such as Scooby Doo and Shaggy, and up to $39.99 for a three pack of figures. They also sell the Funko Dorbz starting at $10.99 and the Funko T-shirts at $19.98. What I like most about the T-shirts is that they show the Funko Pop figures in action.

This store has some decent sales like buy one, get one half off and will have older figures go on clearance.

Disney Store/Outlet

Disney Store – Photo Credit visit

If you are looking for Disney vinylmations, tsum tsum, and pins this is the place to be. Their online store sells all three collectibles as well as special Disney Parks merchandise. At the store, the easiest to find are the Disney Tsum Tsums in all sizes starting at $5.95, with the collection containing their new mini packs to the large plush pillows.

Lilo & Stitch from the Ala Moana Disney Store in Honolulu, Hawaii – Personal Photo

Pins tend to be difficult to find at the stores, but sometimes they will have special ones that come out like they just did for the store’s 30th anniversary. Also, check out the stores in popular travel destinations as they have a specific pin and may also have tsum tsum and vinylmation for that city. I have all three from their Ala Moana store in Honolulu, Hawaii and their tsum tsum and pin for Chicago.

If there is one near you, I would highly recommend checking out the Disney Outlet stores. I use to work at one and they would get clearance vinylmations in as well as other online products. This would be a good money saving way to keep your collection going.

Shop Disney Parks App – Photo Credit

Now, Disney does have specific products that are only sold in the parks and not on their online store. However, they recently came out with the Shop Disney Parks Mobile App, which sells the majority of products from the parks. Here, you can get specific park collectibles such as the Splash Mountain vinylmation, but some are only sold at parks such as holiday specials. If you do visit the parks, you can use the app to find which store sell specific collectibles at the parks (ex: Haunted Mansion books would be sold at Momento Mori).

Shop Disney Parks App


eBay –

Ebay is my favorite online shopping experience when it comes to collectibles. They have everything from Disney Vinylmations to Funko Pops. Collectibles that are super popular and rare can be found on here as well as ones that are not very popular and therefore rare as well. A good amount of my personal collection comes from eBay. Sellers are very open as to if a figure like a pop or vinylmation have been opened, if they still have the boxes for the collectibles, and if there is any damage (like scuff marks) on the collectible and the box.

Prices have a very large range, depending on the seller and the popularity of the item. I have seen some collectibles start at 99 cents to being $800 for the 2012 San Diego Comic Con Avengers Loki. Sellers are also able to chose to sell a collectible out right or through a bidding process, which will affect the price depending on how many buyers are interested in said collectible.

There are many there stores and online options to buy these collectibles, but these are my top destinations to find some good ones. If you have any places to suggest please comment to let everyone know. I hope I have been able to make you’re collecting easier!

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