Hi there fellow collectors! My name is Ashley and I love collecting and entertainment that tends to go with collecting. I mainly collect Funko Pops (my collection is somewhere between 200-300 and growing), Disney vinylmation, Disney pins, and I’ve just recently got into the Disney Tsum Tsum (I know, another collection right?!?).

John Hancock Center – Personal Photo

I’m from Chicago (the windy city, Second City, the city of Big Shoulders), and while I love my city I also travel quite a bit, and many of the collections on this blog also involve many of my travels. From going to a local Hot Topic, or stopping by the nearest Disney Store in that city for special pins and vinylmation, there’s always some unique collector’s items.

Lilo & Stitch from the Ala Moana Disney Store in Honolulu, Hawaii – Personal Photo

I hope that you will travel on this collecting journey with me, through the different collections, the entertainment, events, and the many series of each collection that is out there.

Enjoy the journey and the destination of collecting!